Twix COOKIES & CREME 3.16oz (89.6g)

Twix COOKIES & CREME 3.16oz (89.6g)


  • ¥23.88

In a perfect world, every sweet-purveyor would offer a cookies and cream-flavored product. Of course, the world isn't perfect, but it just got a little better now that Mars has launched its brand-new Cookies & Creme Twix Nationwide. 

The new candy bar is exactly what it sounds like. It's the classic flavor you love found in America's favorite cookie, ice cream, and cakes, but now in Twix form. The result is nothing short of transcendent. 

"Twix Cookies & Creme pairs one of America's most popular cookie flavors with its most popular cookie bar, creating a crave-worthy treat that appeals to loyal Twix fans and welcomes new consumers to the brand," Michelle Deignan, the brand director of Twix at Mars Wrigley, said in a statement.