About Us

Suga’hai is the tasty business created by professional Chef Nicole lovingly coined as Chef Nikki currently in Shanghai by way of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. We bake authentic American restaurant quality desserts that can be delivered China-wide. Yes, we send sweetness to you wherever you are in China!

​Upon arriving to China in 2015, baking wasn't even a thought, let alone a business idea! After persuasive encouragement by friends and realizing we also missed the sweet and savory taste of authentically American homemade desserts, we began sending our homemade brownies, blondies & a variety of cupcakes to friends across China. Shipping cupcakes was a pretty messy idea, but we have since perfected the tidy art of shipping our desserts so that they arrive beautiful, fresh, & delicious.  We've since expanded our offers to include sweet & savory options on our standard menu while also offering specials, seasonal selections, & custom baking. Equipped with a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts combined with over 10 years of experience working in American Hotels & Restaurants, Suga'hai is sure to provide just the thing to satisfy your sweet cravings and savory requests! 

Our original name, Fleur de Sweets, was homage to our hometown New Orleans. The "Fleur de Lis" is our city NFL football team logo and we are loyal and dedicated New Orleans Saints fans. (If you didn't know; now you know…and can translate our dessert names!) However, many people assumed we sold only French desserts. Therefore, we rebranded: "Suga" is used as a term of endearment in the American South . “’Hai” is from our customers’ experiences feeling euphoria, nostalgia or a "high" as they are enjoying our succulent baked goods - plus, we love our new home away from home in Shanghai! Thus, Suga'hai was renamed and refreshed with a new look, logo, and menu!

​We bake using only the finest quality ingredients imported from abroad and also sourced locally from local suppliers here in China.